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10th November 2006

reality is so BORING.
join now!!. the_drug_life

27th July 2006

gordnchmwysgirl6:47am: Worth a shot
earn weed money!

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23rd March 2006

bender_is_great12:14pm: Smoke weed everyday
Name: Spaz
Location: Conneticut
Age: 15
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Current Mood: high

25th October 2005

tokegirl4:35am: stampedstampedstamped
Hey there all.

Been a long time.
I can't find my honey bear pipe. usually roll coners anyway's. I'll post a pic of my lil guy later on. Here is a new pic of myself taken 10 mins ago.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Current Mood: awake

25th August 2005

shr0omtastic1:46am: sweeet just got a job....Ill be able to buy things now...meaning i can buy pot again!

25th July 2005


20th July 2005

6a696c6c8:55pm: hey all. i'm leaving the community because of how inactive it is and how inactive i am in it. so, for the mods [if they still even read this community], could you please take my picture off the community info site? mine is the one with the bad lj tag next to it, ha.


26th May 2005

secretagent_dan3:16pm: I smoke weed everyday
Name:Daniel or Dan. Whichever you prefer.
Location:Jacksonville, Florida
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22nd May 2005

rejectdollie10:08pm: smoke weed everyday
Name: Caitlin (omg if anyone remembers me from Overly_emo... i used to be Death_to_masses... i remember some of you!)
Location: Seattle
Age: 15
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12th April 2005

atearofcrimson1:40pm: SMOKE WEED everyday
Name: Brianna
Location: California
Age: 16

iamdanielle3:46pm: Smoke Weed Everyday
Name: Danielle
Location: New York City, bitches. :]
Age: 18
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Current Mood: blaaaaaaazed.

11th April 2005

jessiebaby6:17pm: Smoke Weed Everyday

Name: Jessica
Location: Montreal Canada
Age: 16

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29th March 2005

zxarielxz10:30pm: <3
Current Mood: <3

26th March 2005


hey, it's me again, i know i'm probably not supposed to be posting outside of my application. but like i have to becuase i totally forgot to promote you guys because i was really fucked up when i filled out that app. haha soooo here are the three places i promoted. hehe sorry &hearts;

sorry for that dudes. welllll its 6am and ijust got home. it's awesome.

23rd March 2005


Sorry i havent updated in a real long time...i broke my camera :( so i used my dads haha


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Current Mood: glowing.
6a696c6c5:28pm: hooray for pictures! stamped.
It&apos;s time to get stoned

my boyfriend and i doin what we doCollapse )

22nd March 2005

otaris20991:26am: Smoke Weed Everyday
Randall Slate

Location: CT (very close to NYC)
Age: 17

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19th March 2005


well i have to say i have been very bad about updating and being active, i guess i havent had my camera for many of my escapades, but i tried to take pix this weekend and most of my spring break... so here there are, enjoy!

x-posted like woah


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15th March 2005

deadeyedchild4:32pm: Smoke Weed EVERYday
Name: Dominique
Location: NYC (NYU)
Age: 18

She smokes cigarettes 'til the day she dies.Collapse )
Current Mood: Happy!

6th March 2005

6a696c6c7:14pm: stamped
lol so I was clicking through this thing tons of times, laughing at all the funny ones that popped up, but this one takes the cake.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:6a696c6c
Your haiku:potheads are left with
a minimal amount of
meat on a sandwich
Created by Grahame
Current Mood: high

5th March 2005

somanytearsicry11:23am: i think this community died

27th February 2005

somanytearsicry1:42pm: Stamped

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kiwigrl4201:52pm: name:Sarah aka Stoner Steve (idk,y) or seb
location: Syracuse NY
Age: 17

i love weed, it makes me so happy and it is Magical. MJ she really brings people together, I love going to festivals and smoking up people ive never met, these people are random and never the same as the last they are all sizes, ages, shapes,colors, races, genders and so on. i love doing this b/c most of them bring somethign for you in return, maybe mushrooms or a necklace or maybe even a pretty flower, some smoke you up in return(thats good you get to try new weed yay!)

smoking weed is fun
Tell me some creative ways you have smoked pot...?
Current Mood: high

26th February 2005

kiwigrl4205:57pm: peace,pot,tequilla shot,Jesus loves u stoned or not, sex, drugs, rockandroll, speed, weed, birth control.Lifes a bitch!,then u die, Fuk the world,lets get high! We're stoners,we have class. Dont fuck w/ us, we'll kick ur ass. So all u preps who think ur kool, go to hell cuz stoners rule
opheliaandrews12:44am: Smoke weed everyday

Name:  Allison

Location: Winnipeg MB

Age: 21
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