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well i have to say i have been very bad about updating and being active, i guess i havent had my camera for many of my escapades, but i tried to take pix this weekend and most of my spring break... so here there are, enjoy!

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 MY STEAMROLLER!!!! i finally got it, twas my xmas gift from my lauren.  I named it the Purple People Eater, cuz it will tear your ass up!

 there it is being used by myself for the first time,

 theres bud the bunny, mama B and the chief

 and theres trevor.... i had to get a pic of him and cheetos cuz he had some wicked munchies like i havent seen, twas cute

 john, blowing up a ballon... hes silly... and htose ballons were really hard to blow up

 mario and bud and curled up

 one of those morning after pix on the way home

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