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Smoke Weed Everyday

Randall Slate

Location: CT (very close to NYC)
Age: 17

How long have you been smoking?: 4 years
Tell us a funny "once I was so high...." story (we love these!):
Once I was so high I could communicate with trees.
Once I was so high I ran from the cops and kicked straight through a wooden fence post by accident.
Once I was so high I blew up almost 200 lbs of airplane fuel.
Once I was so high I saved my friends life when he almost put his head in front of a passing subway car by accident
Once I was so high that I rolled another blunt and got even more high
If you could smoke with anyone famous (politicians, actors, writers, models, etc), who and why?:
Dimebag Darrel R.I.P (no explanation needed)
A tiger, I had a dream about this once, it sounds wierd but it was awesome, trust me
What Music/bands do you like?:
Slayer, Hate Eternal, Cryptopsy, Deicide, Rolling Stones, Bone Thugz n Harmony, Pig Destroyer, Twiztid
What movies do you like?:
I like most movies except for chick flicks and movies my parents see, a couple of my favorites are Seven, Full Metal Jacket, Yojimbo, Hero, The Cell
Are you in love with Maryjane?:
"One puff blows ya head off, second puff you're set off
The third, toking shit on your chest ya wanna let off
Pass the joint, pass the point of being tore down
I'm so high that my heartbeats starting to slow down
Fingernails are roach clips for gormet smoking
Smashed up glass pieces slash my whole face open
I'm zoning and I don't feel a thing
I probably won't recall a single things that's happening
My medicine is sold by the dope man
Quarters and halves, and big boys and Q.P's that come with fat price tags
How much are ya spending? Whatever it takes to get
Rid of these headaches and shakes make no mistakes
I come with green for the green, an even exchange
No money for a bag of brown backyard boogie
I get so high that you would have to rip me out of the sky
For the feeling that the real green provides"

What is your opinion on gay marrige?:
What does this have to do with anything?
What is your opinion on sex?:
Hahaha, its great!
Do you have any piercings or tatoos?(show pictures if you can)?:
Getting 2 tattoos july 27th
Show us a picture of your bowl/bong/hookah/smoking device:
Hahahaha I have like 10 different things, no pics just yet. I mainly use my triple blown glass piece when im too lazy to get the dutchmasters involved
Dating Status(Pictures if you can): Single!
Why should you be accepted?:
Theres only one dude in this community! Thats no fun. Plus I think I fit the description.
Show us 3 or more pictures:

This is me in my standard state of mind

This is me about to eat shrooms (the penut butter technique is fool proof)

This is me in 200ft high fire tower. I was the only thing blazing that I could see.
100x100 picture(or as close as you can get)that you want on the under info:

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