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Slunk Meat

Smoke Weed Everyday

Name: Jessica
Location: Montreal Canada
Age: 16

How long have you been smoking?:
5 years on september 3 :)
Tell us a funny "once I was so high...." story (we love these!): i opened the door to leave a room but it somehow closed again and i walked straight into it, and then i pulled away laughing, and then walked into it again completely forgetting that i had closed it two seconds before
If you could smoke with anyone famous (politicians, actors, writers, models, etc), who and why?: Jim Morrison.. already from his music he is incredibly talented and inspirational. its like he reaches into you and knows exactly how you feel, what your thinking... just listening to him makes me feel incredibly comfortable... plus he is extremely sexy ;)
What Music/bands do you like?:Slipknot, Taking Back Sunday, Sublime, Reel Big Fish, Jethro Tull, The Doors, Marilyn Manson, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, Bob Marley    to name a few...
What movies do you like?: Requiem For a Dream, Office Space, The Little Mermaid, Blow, any Cheech and Chong movie and so on, i love drug movies.. i dont know, they are just so awesome
Are you in love with Maryjane?: i am... i am, its true. i cant describe her.. there are no words to describe such beauty and perfection... but shes got hold of my heart.. she understands me (okay cheesiness is over)
What is your opinion on gay marrige?: i say everyone is to do as they please and that it isnt anyones "right" to stop them. as long as it isnt going to hurt anyone else (and i dont mean emotionally.. parents dont count) then you are allowed to do it. if you are in love, then you are in love and no one can actually stop it, so then why waste your time trying to stop something that doesnt affect you. you cant help loving what you love.
What is your opinion on sex?: love it. not much else to say except that it is fantastic and i love anything that has to do with it. just do it when you actually want to do it or else it has no benefit (to you and the person your doing it with)
Do you have any piercings or tatoos?(show pictures if you can)?: i have 9 piercings: 3 on each ear lobe, my belly button, and an industrial (i count that as two peircings)... my digital camera is broken but i will soon have pictures (im getting it back on saturday) so i will take pictures if you still wish to see them... im planning on getting my conch pierced as well as my tongue this summer, and i am also planning on getting the "cancer" [astrological sign] tattooed on my inner left wrist (discreet yet significant)

Show us a picture of your bowl/bong/hookah/smoking device:

good ol' bus pass and papers

Dating Status(Pictures if you can): i am currently single... but i have a picture of me and my ex...

Why should you be accepted?:
because i love pot and see the beauty of it and i would love to be part of a community who understands just how i feel <3 and im really cool and friendly :)
Promote us in 3 more places and show us! :

Show us 3 or more pictures:

me and my best friend Chelsea

Chelsea is obviously a light weight lol

my friend Emily .. and me..

i had just died my hair black :)

100x100 picture(or as close as you can get)that you want on the under info:


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