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smoke weed everyday

Name: Caitlin (omg if anyone remembers me from Overly_emo... i used to be Death_to_masses... i remember some of you!)
Location: Seattle
Age: 15

How long have you been smoking?: erm well i started up again in november.. because i was with a straight edge guy until then *shakes fist* but all together my entire life? ummmm 2 years
Tell us a funny "once I was so high...." story (we love these!): well.. me and my friends video taped it so as soon as i get it on the computer i'll show! but anyway. we were so high and my friend plays the recorded/clarinet and we were like "omg lets smoke out of the recorder!" so i load a bowl down in the air thing? and everyone held their fingers over the holes and i took this fat hit. then my bf took a hit out of the pipe and closed all the holes and blew the smoke in and then let go of the holes and sucked it back in. it was like a gravity bong... and it was fun...
If you could smoke with anyone famous (politicians, actors, writers, models, etc), who and why?: ummmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck.... The Pope... ahhhhh hahaha
What Music/bands do you like?: Ska, Emo, Hardcore, Punk, Sublime, 311, Thrice, Thursday, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Rock and Roll Soldiers, Skycamefalling, The Sleeping, The Distillers, Rancid, Stray Cats, Blane, Forgive Durden.... ahhh to many
What movies do you like?: ALICE IN WONDERLAND! Reefer Madness, Donnie Darko, Blue Velvet, Ghost World, SLC PUNK, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sin City, Nightmare before Christmas. ummm I wanna see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when it comes out!
Are you in love with Maryjane?: i am i am.. i got blueberry maryjane upstairs ♥
What is your opinion on gay marrige?: gay people are awesome. why cant they get married? (ahhh what does this have to do with stonerism?!?)
What is your opinion on sex?: Sex is awesome... especally when high.... DONT FORGET YOUR JIMMY HAT!
Do you have any piercings or tatoos?(show pictures if you can)?: nope =( i used too.. and i'm getting snake bites on my next b-day
Show us a picture of your bowl/bong/hookah/smoking device: ahhhh i do not have a picture of it now. but its ok cause im getting a bubbler on friday at folklife and probably a new pipe at hempfest in august... but yeah as soon as i can get pics of the bubbler i get i'll post them!
Dating Status(Pictures if you can): AVERY! my best stoner friend ever

Why should you be accepted?: because I keep a stoner journal... annnnnnnnnd because i am stoneriffic
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